Vol. 1 No. 2 (2021): Interdisciplinary Social Studies

Published: 2021-11-20

Implementation of Educational Technology to Increase Students' Learning Interest during Pandemic

Aldi Al Husaini, Unik Hanifah Salsabila, Hanifah Salma, Harmita, Dede Santika
View: 4 61-68

Impacts of COVID-19 on Life in Different Countries: A Systematic Review

Levi Anatolia S.M. Exposto, Aniceto da Conceição Pacheco
View: 5 81-102

Analysis of the Dispute of Unlawful Acts in the Land Sale and Purchase Agreement

Rafi hidayahtullah Pakaya, Ananda Chaya Narendra, M Nauval Ivanda, Ary Andryanto, M Rizky Ardiansyah
View: 16 138-147

Management of Sri Gethuk Waterfall Attractions

Tino Asprilla Anthon, R Widodo Triputro, Suharyanto
View: 4 148-164
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